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Soleve 200ml box

About Soleve

The only licensed medicine for mild to moderate sunburn combining ibuprofen and isopropyl myristate. Soleve Sunburn Relief is only available in the UK.

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Only sold in the UK, Soleve Sunburn Relief is currently available from the healthcare aisle in Boots and Sainsbury’s, Tesco Pharmacy and off the shelf in independent pharmacies.

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Responsible Sunbathing

Responsible behaviour in the sun

Lady applying suncream

Excessive exposure to the sun damages and ages the skin. The damage is cumulative, and prolonged, unprotected exposure is linked to skin cancer.

Children and people with fair skin who burn easily are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. It is therefore very important to avoid getting sunburnt.

Tips to avoid sun damage

Always use an effective sun protection product on exposed skin. You should apply it at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun. It should be at least Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 30, and should protect against both UVA and UVB rays.

It is important to understand what the SPF value means. If a sunscreen with SPF 30 is used correctly, this means it will take you 30 times longer to burn than you usually do. In other words, if you normally burn in 10 minutes, it will take 300 minutes (or 5 hours) for you to burn using the sunscreen correctly. Always select an SPF value that is appropriate for your skin type.

Higher SPF sun protection products are recommended for children as their skin is more delicate. Babies burn even faster than children and toddlers, so to protect their skin you should keep them out of strong sunlight completely.

Sun protection products should be reapplied regularly, especially after swimming, even if they are waterproof. In order to protect the eyes, sunglasses should be worn and they should have UV filters.

Sunlight penetrates loosely woven fabric, so clothes made from fabrics like linen and cotton, which are closely woven, offer more protection. Clothes should cover easily-burnt areas such as the shoulders and upper arms. The face and scalp also burn readily, so wear a hat with a brim ('legionnaire-style' or wide-brimmed hats can reduce about 50% of UV radiation to the eyes, face and neck).

The sun is most dangerous between 11 am and 3 pm, when it is high in the sky. Clouds, wind and parasols reduce the sensation of heat, but have only a limited effect on the amount of harmful UV rays reaching the skin. Also, the skin is prone to getting burnt while on or in the water.


Soleve Sunburn Relief lotion.
For mild to moderate sunburn in adults and children over 12 years of age.
Always try to avoid sunburn. Soleve is not a sunscreen.
Always read the label.